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I’ve never heard of Diligence, who are you?

We’re a brand new guild looking to progress through this patch’s content before 4.2 and then to be one of the server’s top progression guilds for the next content patch

When do you raid?

We Raid 11pm-2am server time (10-3am EST) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays

Who are you recruiting?

We are currently in need of all roles and classes for our core 10man raid group

What do you expect?

We expect all raiders to be:

-Over 18 years of age

We need players to be in control of their time and be able to make at least 90% of raids. This is a guild of adults, kids should look elsewhere

-Mature and Respectful

Plain and simple, as you may get frustrated during hours of attempts, we expect you to supress your anger and stay calm. Respect other raiders, failure to due this will result in removal from guild.

-Raid Aware

Being aware of what’s going on around you. Staying out of bad stuff basically, but also being able to notice what we did wrong after each wipe and trying to the best of your ability to improve for the next attempt

-Know all required fights

Do your research. If for some reason you don’t know a fight by now, you are required to know what you are to do in each fight we attempt. Don’t be shy, we would rather you tell us you have no idea what you’re doing over making unnecessary wipes.

-Active player

Players should be logged on more often than just raid times

-Ability to communicate well

Having a working mic is a requirement for joining our guild. Do not be shy on vent, call out situations, ask questions about an unknown fight etc.


Having experience in Cataclysm or Vanilla/BC/WotLK raid content is going to be strongly considered in the application process


Attendance is a major consideration in loot distribution, and we expect a 90% attendance for raids.

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